Friday, September 23, 2011

Frozen lemon slices

One little trick I forgot to mention when dealing with all the fruit was freezing lemon slices. I thinly sliced four lemons, put the slices on a sheet of baking paper and froze them.

Once frozen I stored in a plastic container. I'm hopeful that there are hot days ahead, and it will be nice to have some ice cold lemon slices for tall glasses of water.


  1. Mm, water is always good, but it's surprising how a little bit of fruit can really add something (rock melon, cucumber and strawberries are all great in water too).

    Also, So much citrus loooot! Thank you :)

  2. I love cucumber in water! Yum!

    Hope you enjoy the bag of citrus stuff. I'll be keen to know what you think. I can't decide between lemon confit and grapefruit curd for most delicious preserved item!

  3. what a clever idea, and so simple!!

  4. Thanks Becs! I get the feeling that it is one of those things that we will see in supermarket freezers one day, just so convenient for summer! I wonder about making 'Pimms packs' for friends with lemon, orange, berries and cucumber? I wonder if cucumber would freeze well?